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errkkkk…2nd entry.boring!

Oktober 31, 2008

i felt soooo bored.
i dont know what is the hell i’m doing in my life…
keep repeating the same every single day.
there is a lot of thing that fullfill my schedule.
i’m not supposed to be bored.

am i facing with depression??
am i alone? (somebody said that this is lonely case…is that true?)

ye laa.. sebenarnya, masalah jiwa ini patut diubat secara Islamiah.solat, zikir, istighfar, merapatkan diri dengan Allah.
memang. anak-anak are my strength…tapi…
aku hanyalah manusia biasa.

somebody ask me to fullfill something dat can make me fun / i like more with atau try to achieve..(like my slimming & healthy programme…tehehehee. but yet i have to think about my financial & time as well)

i dont know.
i will try.
and i’ll let ya’ll know, okkay?

today is friday.
dunno where i’m heading this lunch ( 3hrs you know!).

k lah. see ya. daaaa….


me, myself & i

Oktober 29, 2008

today was like a new day in my life. i need to start a new chapter. and…i’ve decided to delete some of my entry which for me too much to be read by others.
(i cut my hair as well – by my own)

people changed. why dont i?

oouuuhhh…  ****, what’s wrong? i cant stand anymore.
please talk to me..please make my day.
missed u so much!